Sweet Slow Fall


After having worked indoors for most of the summer without much time to lazily linger, I’ve been spending loads of time outside this Fall. It’s so hard to stay inside with skies so blue going on outside.

I’ve been visiting with friends and neighbors, taking walks, riding bikes, practicing the banjo, stargazing, and just enjoying these days before the bone-chilling cold comes. We had our first cozy warm fire this weekend.

J. walking the dogs


Everything about Fall is so lovely…there is more of a contrast between the light and shadows, the sound of the crunchy leaves; wooly worms. Every year, mother earth dies a slow, beautiful, colorful death.  I would say it’s my favorite season, but Spring brings me out of the doldrums and lifts my spirits so much..


I’ve been making pies and hearty soups with local produce; pears, greens, peppers, and purple potatoes. A recent visit to see my family yielded a giant bag of tasty mustard and collard greens from my dad, a giant sack of peppers from my sister, and some bulbs and plant starts from Mammaw P. The bountiful harvest of this season has made me feel so rich!


small pear pecan pie


I also got to visit with an out-of-town friend J. and her Tennessee hound.

We had a super fun visit with lots of random antics (this is someone with whom I once held a funeral for a black widow spider). She introduced me to my new favorite cocktail, the Dark and Stormy:

2 oz. dark rum over ice in a tall glass

fill up glass with ginger beer

squeeze lime wedge into glass then toss it in

Beware if you use alcoholic ginger beer; they’ll sneak up on you pretty fast!



Friends helped decorate the house with some with fodder and pumpkins while drinking homemade strawberry wine, all given to me by my friend M.

I’ve been enjoying the morning glories growing on the fence row along the road on my morning dog walks with Rufus and the nasturtiums in my yard are loving this cool weather.

This season I’m thankful for my copious gifts, and for my family, friends, my neighbors, and my mailman!



What are your favorite things about Fall?




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