M. Dempsey (Misty) is a self taught painter. She paints with oil and acrylic, and creates mixed media and digital collages. She refers to her work as “fine folk art”, having had no formal art training, other than a handful of introductory art classes in college

Most of her artwork is inspired by “that which is made”, whether it be natural creations, strange and useless contraptions, treasured heirlooms, personal possessions, or even situations created by the human condition. Her artwork is often an exploration into the makers, the users, the consequences, etc., of various objects and situations.

Having a passion for all things vintage and a longing to have lived in a bygone era when life was perhaps simpler, she often incorporates vintage materials such as fabric, paper, and old photographs into her digital and mixed media collages. She is fascinated by the lives of the people associated with antique objects and hopes that through her work, their essence may be remembered again in some way.

A love of science and biology influences her nature inspired paintings, which tend to be large works that force the viewer to pay attention to the small details and relationships found in nature. She is captivated by the notion that God is nature; that the creator is the created.