Shameless Self Promotion

I’m not a great self promoter, I will admit. I’m not always comfortable shouting to the world, “Look what I did!” However, in order to profit from business endeavors, I guess it’s important to get the word out about the various kinds of work I do.

So, here is something I do:  I’ve had an Etsy shop, The Meanest Flower Vintage, previously called “Quite Right, Slick”, since 2008 where I sell all kinds of awesome vintage things I find at estate sales, auctions, flea markets, etc. I love finding these items, photographing them looking their best, and sending them out to be appreciated by someone else. If I didn’t have this shop, I would surely be a hoarder.

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Another thing I do is design logos, business cards, banners, etc. I’ve done product photography and have set up and created marketing materials for these other Etsy shops:  Old Soul Woodworks, and Tree Built.

Old Soul Woodworks, owned and operated by Claude and Delaine Daoust, makes rustic storage cabinets and hanging file / book holders in all kinds of colorful finishes…

Tree Built is run by Jacob Tittle, Chairmaker. He makes beautiful carved utensils and whole chairs out of trees:

I’m telling you all this to (a) let you know that I have cool stuff for sale and, (b) these other talented people have cool stuff for sale and, (c) that if you also have stuff for sale, I might be able to help your business and products look their best, too. Please contact me if you are interested.

I’ve been doing other things, too. I’ll share them with you soon!



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