In Print

Yours truly is tucked inside the pages of the June issue of a local entertainment magazine, VIP SeenIt matches my ‘new’ vintage flour sack tablecloth I scored this weekend for $1!

I thought I’d share a few of the sweet/goofy/blurry behind-the-scenes outtakes from my backyard photo shoot for the article…My sweet husband took these photos (we are total do-it-yourself-ers).

This one reminded me of an elementary school class photo where the photographer insists that everyone face the sun directly and the result is a bunch of funny faces trying to look normal while  being blinded by the brightness…

…kind of like these kids:


Oh, and of course there’s an extra cute bunch of my buddy, Rufus.

And some silly moments…

jumping SMALL

This one is for my campaign poster if I ever run for a public office:

shoveling compost

Well, there you have it…a behind the scenes look at my fifteen minutes!

outakes 4 small


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