El Corazon

“Let your heart be silently drawn to the pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”


small bee on sunflower

I went to bed on the fence last night. Not knowing what I would do. I weighed the inner dialog of “I should do this, or maybe I should do that, “ and “I don’t feel like doing that, so maybe I’ll do this instead.”

And this morning I started doing one thing, but felt an inner tug start to pull me in another direction. My heart wanted to go one way and my brain was trying to drag me another…

spider web dew

Our hearts are intuitive. It’s in our hearts where we feel compassion, love, joy, sadness, etc. Centered emotions are like compasses, I believe, pointing us in the direction in which we should go.

Compassion. Compass. Got it?

Our brains are like CPUs of computers or command centers. It’s the place where learning takes place and from where logical, patterned, regimented, repetitive, reactive behaviors come from. It’s sort of an ‘auto-pilot’.

Gulf Fritillary on Zinnia Flower

Both have their place, of course. The brain seems to be dutiful in keeping us alive at whatever cost. The heart seems to be concerned with the quality of life. I would consider the brain to be the masculine part of ourselves, while the heart is the feminine part.

web closeup

In instances of interpersonal communication and in conducting our day to day lives, it is so important that we respond instead of react. Brain reactions are automatic. They allow us to act in a situation where we don’t have to think. It does this by being trained. The brain is in charge of programmed behavior that is based on previous similar situations. For example, if you step on a bee once, the next time you see a bee, you might run or be afraid or want to kill it, even if it is just perched on a flower, eating. Your body may even have a physiological reaction. The brain based reaction to the bee is to be afraid of it. The heart based response to seeing the bee might be to be cautious, but to leave the bee alone since it is just going about its business not doing any harm. Bees, spiders, snakes…They are all just going about their lives doing their thing just like we are and ultimately aren’t out to do us harm.

What if we apply this theory to our everyday interactions with other things and other people? Are we going about it all the right way presently or could we perhaps approach the world with a little more love and compassion?

small bee in touch-me-not flower

The brain can be unknowingly influenced by events, images, words, sounds, and sensations. It can be duped, fooled, and ultimately brainwashed in varying degrees.  It seems to be the driving force that compels us to get up, work hard, compete, sleep, and repeat. Our heart is a sort of lie detector, however, capable of discerning the truth. We all know when our hearts feel full and happy, but it also lets us know when something is lacking or that there is something that doesn’t ‘feel’ right about a situation. The heart might encourage us to slow down and be in the moment for a bit and to take in our surroundings.

Swallowtail butterfly

I think the heart is the part of us that indicates where we might need to change our patterns of thought and behavior. I think the heart has the power to lead us to the kindest, gentlest, least destructive outcome of a situation. The heart is more thoughtful than the brain (although that sounds odd to say). The heart is the seat of compassion.

red rooster in garden

Compassion. Compass. Got it!

So, in the quietness of this morning where I decide to do one thing instead of another, I discovered all sorts of magical things outside in the clear, cool morning. Spider webs heavily beaded with dew.

small spider in web

Okra blossoms unfurling. Bees gathering nectar and pollen. I found my center and I was inspired by what I felt in my heart to write this post. I found a calm flow that set the tone for my entire day.

okra bud, flower, seed pod

I was grateful that I had let my heart guide me to the choice I ultimately made. It wasn’t necessarily the most logical decision by some standards, but it’s the one that felt right for me. It’s what my heart wanted…

spider web from above

If you are interested in learning more about the heart and all its magic, check out the HeartMath Institute to learn more about a heart centered way of being. There are all kinds of tools for managing stress, emotions, etc.

Be well and keep being awesome!

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