Becoming an artist happened completely by accident.  Upon graduating in 2001 with a degree in mass communications, Misty knew that wasn’t the right path. Having taken some art classes in college, she was drawn to the creative outlet they provided. Still, ‘artist’ wasn’t thought of as a career option, so she returned to school to pursue a degree in Biology. Learning about the details of biological processes provided Misty with inspiration for her work. She became more serious about her artwork and thus embarked on a new path that finally felt right.

Misty sells antiques and vintage good in addition to her creative endeavors.

Misty appreciates the simple things in life like ‘real’ food, old books, clotheslines, home-grown tomatoes, and being outside. She is an avid thrift store junkie and is a fan of do-it-yourself projects.  She needs music as much as air and loves classic literature and poetry.




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